Question by E-liz: Would you consider this “dog abuse”?
Our neighbor has a dog they let outside ALL the time! It’s a small mixed breed but it is the only dog I’ve ever met that will run wherever theres humans and bite unprovoked. Yesterday, the dog ran up and bit onto my shoe, and than my pant leg, and I knew next was my leg so I kind of kicked it off, He flew like 3 feet and ran away. Now my neighbor called the cops for “abusing her animal” and they are looking into taking away our animals (3 beloved dogs and 1 horse). Would you consider what I did animal abuse? Note, I’m only 14 by the way. What was I supposed to do? Let it hurt me?
The policeman told us they were sending out people tommorow to pick up our animals and they will be kept at the rescue until they can determine what I did was abusive or not. And, we have reported the neighbor before. Nothing gets done about it. She only takes him outside around 3 times daily for 15 minutes, but if she doesn’t keep an eye on him and he sees a person, he’ll go for them.
I understand what your saying about them not being able to take our animals, but if anyone in a family with animals has a history of animal abuse, the animals are taken anyway for case investigation. That’s the “new law” here

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Answer by Cookie
They can’t take your animals away. Who said that? Unless your animals are being abused or neglected, they have no legal grounds for removing them from your possession. As for kicking the dog away, no I wouldn’t consider it abuse. You were preventing getting bit by a dog that was running at large. If your neighbor allows their dog to roam constantly, contact animal control. They will receive a citation. Usually 3 strikes and you’re out. If they are contacted 3 times regarding the dog running loose, then they are usually seized from the owner.

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