Question by ♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥: Would this be considered “adequate shelter” for a dog?
There’s a boat dealer near my house who has started keeping a Rottweiler chained to a boat in his showyard. He’s been there about 2 weeks. There is no doghouse there and I always see him lying under the boat. In my state, law says animals must have food and water, vet care for illness/injury, and adequate shelter. Lying under a boat doesn’t cut it for me but the dog is clearly visible from the main highway and I know police officers drive by several times a day. They have to have seen it. I’m going to call them tomorrow to make a report but I wonder why the police haven’t already stopped in to talk to him about it? The dog looks so sad just lying there all the time and it’s starting to turn cold here.

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Answer by Xian
No this sounds like abuse whether intentional or not. call your local animal control or animal shelter and registar a complaint. they will make a record and if the dog is in these conditions again (that is if it’s not bad enough for it to be immediately removed) make another complaint. It will also be added to the record. If it keeps up the animal will be removed, and if suitable for adoption may be adopted back out to someone by the shelter involved. I respect you for what you are doing, i wish more people cared enough to take action like this. Thumbs way up!!!

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