Question by fadedoak: Why isnt my horse the “puppy dog” type?
I know it may be expecting too much from a leased horse, but I have been working with her for the last 3 years. And now finally lease her, but she doesn’t greet me, she recognizes me when I come in, she is a great horse, but I can help but be jealous of those who have the critters that are so socially welcoming.
I see her about 4 days a week, and am one of the 2 people she sees on a weekly basis.
I pride myself on being able to find the itchy spots on horses that cause them to lean over and twitch their lip, but I can’t seem to find hers for the life of me.
She is also on the older side of things, and I was curious if that puppy dog aspect just comes in younger horses.
Have done join-up, and when its too hot to ride, I just hang out with her in the pasture. We are working on tricks

… its not just riding.
I am glad some people have the same problem.
She was formerly a therapy riding horse (and I worked with her through that aspect, so I am sure I am associated with WORK) I am trying hard to break that and work with her on the ground and not always riding.

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Answer by crazychica83_2002
No some horses just aren’t like that. Some horses come with bigger personalities then others. Just like people some people arent overly affecotionate.

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