Question by SeaShells: Why do people always think my dog is male?
She’s a lean, spayed female greyhound mix with a plain purple collar & a purple leash. She has nothing hanging between her legs… Yet if we go to the park or Petsmart or something, people make comments like, “Oh, he’s so friendly,” or “Oh, he’s a beautiful dog”, or “Is he friendly? May I pet him?”, etc.

Do people generally refer to all stranger dogs as “he”?
Oh, it’s definitely no big deal. I was just wondering why that is because I usually ask people if it’s not obvious.

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Answer by Melissa
Many people do refer to animal as a he, their isn’t any real reason why. Maybe your dog just has a more male face, that can’t be helped. But dont take it to heart, wouldn’t you rather them call her “him” than “it”?

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