Question by a_bcde123456789: Why are people so mad about Michael Vick killing dogs when people kill each other every day?
People kill each other every day yet the whole country gets mad at Michael Vick for killing a few dogs. When people kill each other everyday, nobody cares, but when Michael Vick kills a few dogs people go crazy. I just think thats interesting.
im sayin why dont people get this outraged when someone lkills someone else cuz it usually isnt national news when someone murders someone else, but it is when michael vicks kills some dogs
Im not saying that killing isnt wrong because i believe that it is wrong. All im saying is that its interesting that most murders dont become national news, yet killing dogs does. Im not saying that one is right and one is wrong because I think that both are wrong.

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Answer by Secret Asian Man
Killing anything is wrong. I doubt people will suddenly forgive murderers just because of what Vick did. Everyone that murders something, human, dog, or otherwise, deserves to be punished, period.

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