Question by Squirrel cage: Which side of the trapping debate would you be on, the illegal trappers or those who rescue the injured dogs?
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PALMER, Alaska – Andre the two-legged dog was rescued last winter when a woman noticed the animal trailing blood across a country road.

The large, friendly mutt lost most of the lower half of his left legs after getting caught in an animal trap or snare.

Now, the black and brown canine has become a symbol in Alaska for what pet owners and animal lovers say is a gruesome and growing problem: pets accidentally caught in traps and snares meant for wild animals.

The problem, animal owners and advocates say, is increasing as more people move into and use areas of Alaska that were once wild.

But the problem is not new. Tension between dog owners and trappers has been percolating in Alaska for decades, said Cliff Judkins, chairman of the Alaska Board of Game.

“I don’t know what the long-term answer is to it really. The Board of Game is caught in the middle between two groups,” he said. …………
“This thing has been going on for a long, long time.”

Karen McNaught, of Palmer, nursed Andre back to health, although she initially didn’t think he would make it.

“No one had seen a dog with two legs cut off like that,” she said. “The bone was sticking out on both of them. It was horrible.”

Now, Andre bounces around her back yard like a Pogo-Stick. When tired, he leans against the house or the fence. The plan is to fit him with artificial legs.

Merle Jean Muller’s dog, Bo Diddley, was luckier. The 52-year-old woman’s 45-kilogram mixed breed stepped on a trap about three metres off a trail near the fast-growing area of Palmer in December.

Muller got Bo Diddley out of the trap. She then took the trap, left the trapper a nasty note and reported the incident to the Alaska Board of Fish and Game. She also organized a letter-writing campaign.

“If it was up to me trapping would not be allowed,” she said. “It has to be restricted from places where people recreate and l
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Answer by Angry Y!A Nerd, Meaghan Edwards
Those who rescued the dog.

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