Question by you and me: Which is the right Caption for a picture “My friend and me” or “My friend and I” ?
This question has to do with determining correct grammar. There are many questions out there asking for proper usage of “My friend and I” versus “My friend and me”. So I totally get it. I understand how to use it— subjective case (My friend and I kicked the wall) versus objective case (The wall was kicked by my friend and me).

However, if I have a picture of my friend and me, what would be the caption for the picture? Is it “My friend and me” or is it “My friend and I”? I truly believe it should be the former. But I need valid confirmation as to why it should be the former. The only reason I have for my belief is that I get really annoyed whenever I see pictures with captions like “Lisa, grandma, and I” and “My dog and I”, “My boyfriend and I” because I expect a verb to follow each of those sentences. To me they’re incomplete thoughts! What do you think?

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Answer by kim l
i think “my friend and I” would be better!

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