Question by Florida w/ Questions: When, exactly, is a dog a “dog,” and no longer a puppy?
While doing some online shopping on pet store web sites last night, we were looking at vitamins and trying to figure out which ones to buy. We found lots for puppies and lots for seniors and lots for just “dogs.” Which we took to mean dogs of average age. And the experience got us wondering if our babies are still puppies or if they are now “dogs.”

Does anyone know when a puppy is no longer a pup and has reached dog-hood? Our mini-Yorkie sisters are 14 months old.


(I can talk about them all day, and then some, if you couldn’t tell)

Best answer:

Answer by jay the unseen
about 2-3 years is when they stop growing and become an adult dog….as they still may act like a puppy they are older

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