What?s the Scoop on Dog Meds?

When you or your child is sick it’s quite easy to find some form of medication that can help relieve the problem.  Usually a trip to the drugstore will eliminate the need to visit the doctor.  When your pet is sick however it’s a different story.  Which pet meds are safe?  Which dog meds will fix your four legged friend’s problem?

There are medications for your sick pet that you can buy over the counter, but you need to be sure what the problem is before buying them.  Dog meds for things such as treating fleas or skin allergies, for example, are readily available as are some other pet meds.  It could be that if this is the first time that your pet has had a problem, you have had them checked out by a professional veterinary first just to ensure that they don’t have anything more serious than what you suspect.  If the problem reoccurs, then you know you can buy over the counter medication for your pet without consulting the veterinary again.

There is also a growing trend towards alternative medicine for dogs and other pets.  You may need to find a veterinary clinic that specializes in this kind of pet care however, because as with human medical professionals, there are some veterinaries who are skeptical about alternative medicine for dogs.  Simple alternative medicine ideas such as giving a few drops of cranberry juice to a pet with a urine problem can save you a fortune in unnecessary veterinary costs!

If you have a problem that’s similar to one your pet has had, don’t be tempted to take their medication!  There are very few cat and dog meds that humans can take without experiencing side effects.  The very least that can happen is that you get no effect from the meds at all because the dosage will be wrong, but at worst, you could end up even sicker as a result of taking something that was never intended for human consumption.  Human drugs pass strict guideline-regulated tests; pet meds are not subject to such strict tests and therefore may not be safe.  Unless you have been told by a medical doctor that the dog or cat medication that your pet takes is safe for humans, don’t try it.  You might very well end up in the hospital!

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