Question by Matt Anderson: What’s the best dog food available for an active, athletic dog?
My dog is a corgi, rhodesian ridge back mix, he has lots and lots of energy. Like me, he is an active athlete. I know after a good workout I need to replenish my body with vitamins, high protein, and clean carbs, but what about my dog? I’ve considered cooking meals for my dog, I’m just not sure I can afford it. I know dry dog food is not good for dogs. Would it be beneficial for me to mix the dog food in with the prepared “people food” to stretch it out? What are the best “people foods” for dogs?

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Answer by CaspianX
I buy Exceed. It is a Sam’s Club dog food that is up on the list with Eukenuba but much more affordable. With people food, it’s not great for them if it’s like chips and burgers. I would say a food like Exceed or Eukenuba mixed with cooked ground beef, maybe some of your leftover cooked steak or chicken. NO PORK, bad for dogs. No seafood either. Beef is great for them. You may even be able to get him to eat eggs, WHITES only, yolk is bad for tummy. Maybe even veggies and yogurt.

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