Question by reality: over doing fool: What’re the lulziest “recipes” you’ve seen for “family meal”-type slop?
Because apparently if it is for “family,” it is allowed to be mostly salt, and combining three Kraft Foods products means you are “cooking.”

Earlier this week somebody suggested “garbage meals,” “basically a casserole of anything that can be edible together,” and offered a suggested one that was a couple of cans mixed with a can of cream of mushroom soup, that made a sort of…soup-mess. Today somebody posted a recipe for “hot dogs in homemade sauce” which involved simmering hot dogs in ketchup with added sugar.


For better or worse this stuff makes me laugh like crazy. Here is my all-time favourite in this genre:

Can you better it?
Apparently that’s a known variant called “American goulash.” I had no idea! My mother made a slop with macaroni, tinned tomatoes, and broccoli…

Re. crackers: via Newborn & Baby the other week, I discovered,1943,146184-254205,00.html
(The thing about the “rice puree” w/salty canned soup — it’s supposed to be _baby food_!)

Best answer:

Answer by Bella
That’s a nice word for what me and my friends term “ghetto” food. I think the worst I’ve seen is Spaghetti-o Surprise

1 can spaghettios
4 cut up hotdogs
1 sleeve Ritz crackers
can of cheese soup

you know what to do.

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