Question by Flying Angel: What Would I Need For A “Animal Shelter?”?
I’ve asked this question before but all people said was i have to have a permit or something i’m NOT opening a real animal shelter i’m only taking in stray and unwanted animals that don’t need to be put down to find them a very good and loving home.But anyways what would i need for cats and dogs and any other animals you can think of..?
Also i live in the country so nobody would hear them if they barked…or anything -_-

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Answer by baworth
Well to start with, if you were planning on re-homing these animals you would need a permit, and liability insurance, just in case anything bad happens to someone you have sold an animal to. I know it isn’t what you want to hear, but it is the truth. You will also need adequate pens and housing facilities to house all the animals, preferably separately, and the different animals would need different sorts of pens. Also you will need the pens to be easily cleanable, i.e. concrete floors, and plenty of bedding, food and water bowls etc; You will also need a good relationship with your vet, and a lot of money for vet bills. If you are planning on selling the animals, you will need to become an incorporated business, and possibly become exempt from tax by getting recognition as a not for profit organisation. You will also need other people who you are willing to pay, or who are willing to volunteer there time to help to clean cages, feed animals, groom animals, exercise and train animals, and it would be helpful to have a certified trainer you can contact to assess whether any dogs are suitable to re-home, or whether they are dangerous etc; You will need an accountant, and probably a certification to allow you to keep a large number of animals on your premises (depending on your state)

Although this is a noble idea, it is very difficult to start an animal shelter, and is pretty much impossible to do so without funding the huge expenses yourself. I think you may be better off volunteering at another shelter, or becoming a ‘foster carer; for another organisation ,were you look after the animals at your house till the organisation finds another house for them.

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