Question by xoxox: What should we rename “Global Warming” to?
It seems like people hear the term and think:
1. Scare tactic that Gore is making money from
2. Hippie, socialist plan to kill the conservatives
3. “Oh Hell no, I ain’t givin’ up no SUV, ’cause my ride is PIMP, yo…”

The reality is…no matter if the world is heating or cooling (or changing shape)…it’s the polution that needs to stop, correct? It’s the polution that will hurt us in the long run, right?

So, why don’t we just name “Global Warming” something else?

I have compiled the most popular names (found in a poll conducted by the New York Times):
1. Dave
2. Hippies that ride dogs and shout, “I like toast!!”
3. Zombie with a pretty, pretty purse
4. Play-Doh Fun Factory
5. Do you like my hair?
6. Radiohead
7. Michael Jordan
8. Bubble Bath
9. Bubble Bath with a sloth
10. The Penny Saver

What do you think we should rename “Global Warming” to?

Best answer:

Answer by ConstElation
“Iceberg!!!, right ahead!!!!”

Give your answer to this question below!

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