Question by Betty: What kind of Dog do you Own & why? does your dog commincate to you? Did your Dog “save” you from anything?
We have a Boston Terrier named Dandy . she is 4yrs old.. I have taught her with Hand signals and verbal commands.. her best trick is she can sit back on her hind haunches, and when she shakes your hand from this position she places her other hand over yours gently… it’s so sweet

at times i swear she reads my mind, with just a look she will do as i ask.. it’s really strange.. she hates the word BATH… lol she will jump up in my hubby’s lap looking for escape..

tell me about the Dog or Dogs in your life… past or present.. got a favorite dog tale to share?

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Answer by love_ya_kyla_girl_2
I have an Austrailan Shepherd Black Tri, her name is La’Cee. She’s not a dog though, it as if she’s my little sister. I remember one time, when I was chasing La’Cee around the table, i slipt and fell, I skidded my knee on the floor, and skraped my hip on the table. My dog came over and placed her moth on my knee. She was like, tryin’ to make it all better!!

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