Question by V S: What is this canine skin condition?
Picture of condition:

This picture was taken of my dog’s inner thigh. She now has two more on her side. I checked my other dog, and he has one on his paw, much smaller, but it bled (he’s taking a painkiller for arthritis that thins his blood). I feed them Science Diet Large Breed, but recently switched to Science Diet Mature Adult Senior 7+. Could it be a food allergy? “Old Dog Warts”? Mites?
The pictures of those conditions I’ve seen don’t appear the same as this!
My dogs are 13 (Lab) and 14 (German Shephard) years old, which is, as far as I understand above their respective average life spans. Both are doing well, except for arthritis in the GSD.
Thanks so much everyone! I have an appointment to see the vet soon.

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Answer by whoCares
its probably just warts.

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