Question by : What is the most boring cable channel other than c-span Dish earth and NASA?
C-span is just boring Dish earth just shows the earth and plays boring music (you can only get it with dish network) and the only time NASA is any good is when there launching a rocket most of the time they show people in front of computers (I haven’t watch in a year so it might not be the same now) Disney channel is boring They show good movies some time but the sitcoms are just stupid and annoying and Animal planet is the same thing all the time! It’s just a bunch of stupid cats running around in Africa (like we don’t see that on other channels and it’s down right boring) and there other shows like “It’s Me or The Dog” if you saw episode You’ve seen them all the same with “Big Cat Dairy” and there “Planets funniest Animals” is a 100% rip off of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” but unlike “America’s Funniest Home Videos” it isn’t funny”

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Answer by cathleen
tvduck is the best for watching any tv shows…they update very quickly once it is aired on tv

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