Question by SHELTIELUVER: What is the first level in dog agility and what is the title you want to try to get?
I ordered the book “All About Agility” that should answer all my questions but it’ll take a few weeks for it to come. I know there are different agility organizations like AKC and UKC? Which is the most popular? What is the very first level you enter and what is expected of your dog? My dog is just completing an 8 week course so she has a ways to go. She is awesome at everything and fast but scared of the teeter totter and the dog walk if it’s too high (which I understand takes a while for dogs to get used to). I want to start teaching her weaving which I know she’ll excel at and not worry so much about the teeter totter and dog walk yet. My instructor wants all dogs to repeat the beginner course if they can’t do all the equipment but this frustrates me because she can run the course perfectly if it was just the A frame, hurdles, all tunnels, table, and tire jump. She is a Sheltie. She already has her CD obedience title and is barely a year old. There is an agility (cont’d)
club closer to my class but they don’t offer classes. They do offer open practice. How can I teach my dog weaving? I just have been repeating “weave” and guiding her through with treats. Also, is there a competition called “Jumpers and Weavers”? And I’m well aware that she is too young for competition and she is doing an extremely low jump so she won’t injure her growing body. This instructor also uses the clicker which I hate! She insists I use it and I confuse my dog because I’m always clicking at the wrong time! My dog got through novice obedience without the clicker and I don’t think it’s necessary. Don’t you think the instructor should not make me use it if I’m uncomfortable with it? One more question, what is the best site that explains all the different organizations and their levels and titles in agility? Thanks for any info. you can give!
I also had someone tell me that a dog shouldn’t start agility lessons till it’s over a year but I disagree. I think she thought that I was encouraging her to jump high and she was worried about developing bones!

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Answer by butterflystones
I breed Reg Fawn Boxers. And first of all it has to do with her age. I start my pups off early. Around 3 months. Just letting them play with the course and things like that. But as they age it becomes a job. Since they (Boxers) are in the working group. My Boxers are CKC and if you will go to a website that your pet is reg with. They will have all the information that you need. Even when the agility test are in your state or in your local area. But it takes at lest a yr to train your K-9 for the agility. But as you have stated she is already yr old. So I think its time to bulid her brain power with new courses. P.S

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