Question by Jacob F: What is the best way to get my neighbor’s dog to stop doing his “stuff” on my property?
I recently moved in to my new house and I don’t really know any of my neighbors. I noticed, however, that the neighbor from across the street lets his dog out to do his business. The neighbor doesn’t accompany the dog or anything, just opens the door and closes it after the dog runs out into the street.

The dog comes straight into my yard.

What can I do to keep the dog off of my property? I don’t know my neighbor and I’d hate for this to be our first conversation.

Thank you very much!

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Answer by joyce m
let the neighbor know who you are and gently let them know that their dog is using your yard for his bathroom.

there is no way to let them know nicely. especially since you are new to the area. otherwise you may have to a lawn care center and ask what they recommend

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