What is Holistic Dog Food?

Holistic dog foods are made from natural human grade ingredients that do not contain any byproducts or fillers. It is easily digested and does cause as many allergies as other brands of dog food. It can give your dog a better quality of life with the right nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Holistic dog food was among those that were not affected by the recent dog food recall.

What Kind of Nutrition Do Dogs Need?

Dogs need animal protein for proper growth and health. A combination of chicken, meat and fish that makes a healthy holistic dog food that dogs love to eat. Dogs, like people, need vitamins and minerals as well.  They often experience allergies and poor, dull coats when fed commercial canned dog food. However, many of these problems disappear when dogs start on a holistic dog food diet. Dogs get good nutrition with a diet that is closest to their natural diet. 


Natural meat ingredients offer a high-quality source of protein that dogs need. The meat by-products in most commercial brands don’t cut it. Natural and holistic dog food companies pledge to use high quality ingredients without fillers and by-products.  Holistic Dog Food is formulated to provide a balanced diet and promote good health. 


Holistic dog food ingredients should be human grade whole grain brown rice, chicken meal, peas, oats, seaweed, vitamins and minerals. It’s a healthy combination that is good for your dog.  Only the highest quality, human-grade ingredients can earn the name ‘holistic’. Most commercial dog food is made from the rejected animal parts that have been considered “unfit” for human consumption.

Holistic Dog Food is gaining popularity because they have all the ingredients needed for a healthy and long life. It provides an alternative meal for your dog that not only addresses hunger but also the overall health and well being of your pet.  Holistic dog food is now in wide supply and products are often displayed in veterinary clinics.  However, try to cook homemade meals as often as you can for your dog. Use fresh, all natural ingredients. Your dog will love more everytime you provide a delicious homecooked meal. Try one of our recipes.

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