Question by Wintergirl: What does this mean as far as my dog’s “dog aggression” issue?
I’ve noticed that my German Shepherd (who is dog aggressive) is only aggressive on walks to other dogs who are tense or agitated, straining like crazy on their owner’s leash, hyper, etc. The dogs who walk by us who are calm and casually walking straight ahead she has no problem with. What does this mean??? (I’m in the process of hiring a trainer for her aggression problem)

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Answer by gin
Its a posturing issue. He’s fine with the relaxed dogs because they’re not exhibiting any signs that they’re challenging his authority.

My dog is a quiet posturer. He’s never barked, growled, lunged or given any sign that he’s a problem… to the untrained eye. But, he gets slightly tense, his ears go back just a bit and he makes eye contact. That does it. The other dog goes nuts. I can’t say that my dog is aggressive, but he brings out the worst in other dogs. He doesn’t even want to fight- he just likes making a scene.

My rotten little instigator.

Good luck with the trainer!

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