Question by Cookie: What does parallel set mean for phones?
It said that when I was helping my mom cook with a croc pot when she forgot to do it before she left to get my dog from school. Help me! I first thought it was for having two phones at once, but I don’t think anyone’s in our house! Then I started to realize that there’s a robber on our street and I’m as scared as hell! Could it mean something else? I’m so paranoid!

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Answer by qlink_aardvark
It usually means there’s another phone off the hook.
If it’s a cordless phone, you may be able to find it with a “handset finder” button on the base unit that will beep the phones so you can walk around to listen for and find the missing one.
Or, maybe your mom accidentally took one with her, in which case it will say “parallel set” only while that one’s within range of the base.
It’s been 7 hours, so I hope you’re ok.

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