Question by berry cherry 00: what does he really mean and want? does he still like me? what about the dog? haha?
A guy friend was flirting with me 4 a while, he used to tell me in a very direct way that he liked me, whe we finally went out (just once) things didn’t worked out he wanted to rush things, he asked me out again a few times after but nothing happened ’cause I was mad at him, then he disappear for months we didn’t talk in a long time until a month ago. He knows I luv dogs, he has a golden, he used to tell me his dog sent kisses to me, wanted me to visit it n’ sent me photos of the dog ’cause he knows that drives me crazy. A month ago he used the excuse of “I got new dog photos” to text me tryin’ to ask me to go out with him I said “ok anytime”, he said he was single n’ asked about my luv life, I was in a hurry so the chat was short, in the past everytime we talked he mentioned that we should go out n’ he misses me but never asks me exactly to go out n’ believe me he’s not shy at all. Since that day he hasn’t even say hi 2 me when online at IM, I don’t know what 2 think of him!

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Answer by starrwoode
he wants to get you in the sack, thats about all.

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