Question by ♥Jade April♥: What do you think of the doggie “car seats”?
At a few pet supply stores they are selling “doggie car seats” for small dogs. They are like a carrier for your small dog but they attatch to your seat so as to keep your dog safe while driving in the car. In case of an accident or such so that your dog or puppy doesnt go flying through the wind shield or so that your dog isnt distracting you while you drive. I have been reading up ALOT on taking care and training a puppy because we are getting one on Saturday and most say to keep your dog in a crate or carrier in the car to keep him safe while driving, but some people are giving me troubles when I say I want to get this “doggie car seat” for our puppy. Now I know my dog is not a baby but I still dont want anything to happen to her in case of an accident or sudden stop. It doesnt strap the pup in like a kid it is just like a carrier and very comfortable for the pup. What is your opinion please?
for the guy below who says im thinking of CUTE and not SAFE. You have NO CLUE buddy.
Why cant people stop being rude and judging on one sentence from other’s questions. SAFTEY first where did i say ANYTHING about the thing being cute.

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Answer by prettybabi
A most excellent idea!

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