Question by Coley: What do you consider a “rescue” dog?
Seriously, it seems every question posted states their dog was a “rescue” What do you consider a rescue dog? Is purchasing a dog from a shelter a rescue dog? How about thru a classified add from the original owner (paid for or giveaway)? How bout buying from a pet store? How about buying from a crappy breeder? Found it as a stray? How exactly do YOU define a rescue dog as I am severely confused how everyone and their brother has a rescue dog. o_O

I HAVE owned dogs I considered rescue dogs…I spoke up and brought them home the day they were scheduled to have their lives ended. I have owned strays, never called them rescue dogs…simply a stray I picked up.
Anastasia…you hit the nail on the head imo.

I have taken in severely sick/injured strays that were “rescued” by the vet clinic I used to work at. The vet clinic footed the bill, fixed the dog healthwise, boarded it for an extended period of time til healthy and they sought our a new home for the animal…I then brought it home and gave it a home. To me, I never took in rescue dog…I took in a dog that suited me.

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Answer by Janodia
In my personal opinion. Rescuing a dog means when you prevent this dog from being homeless or put down. Whether from a shelter, another owner or from the streets.

Also when you remove them from a bad situation.

I consider myself an owner of a rescue. I own a Pomeranian that was 1 among 12 dogs and his owner was elderly. She did not have the time for him and was a back yard breeder who didn’t give good care, and now he’s an only dog getting the best care and just spoiled. He might have not been in the streets or about to be put down, but he did suffer some form of neglect, which is why I think I rescued him :)

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