Question by jake mills: What do I do when my dog brings dead animals in the house?
Ive Heard that dogs bring dead animals in the house as “Gifts” Is this true? If it is a ‘Gift’ do I praise her or use negative reinforcement?

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Answer by quest
well, i wouldn’t want dead animals in the house. so yeah, even though it’s kinda sad since it’s the thought that counts, you shoud just say NO. and take the animal away. if you don’t mind, then i guess you can praise her and throw it away or whatever. don’t feel bad to say no, though. my mom doesn’t like licking, even though she knows our dog does it out of love, so we said NO and trained him not to lick her. just–OBVIOUSLY–don’t hit her or anything like that. a firm NO and throwing the animal out every time she does it should do it.

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