Question by : Were you impressed with Michelle Bachmanns top Psycho Talk moments listed on MSNBC?
Now that Bachmann is going bye bye
We can just laugh at her psycho talk?

1. “I would like to just have the win, win plan.”
what ever that means?

2.Lets not forget her lovely dancing with the “stars” performance with her gay Husband Marcus.

3.”I haven’t had a gaffe”

4.”Now Obama has put us in Libya” “now he is putting us in Africa”

5. “I am a serious candidate and my facts are accurate”

6. “he has a lot of chupsca”

7. “I love New Hampshire, your the state that heard the shot around the world at Lexington and Concord”

8. “John Wayne was from Waterloo Iowa”

9. “There was a woman who came up to me after the debate tonight, she was crying because her Daughter suffered mental retardation from vaccines.”

10. “I stand behind my win, win plan”

11. “Marcus my Husband missed that part of the debate, because he was out buying sun glasses for our dog boomer”
as Marcus stood behind her giving some gay eye signal to the crowd.

I want to know how did this fruit cake, get as far as she did?
What is wrong with the Tea Party having her lead them?

Best answer:

Answer by Chuck
People actually read MSNBC?

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