Question by Papillion: Well, Is Ellen Ok, er what ?
“Let me just say, it’s gotten out of hand,” DeGeneres said on the segment to air Thursday. “I want nothing more than that dog returned to the family. But you don’t resort to violence. So anybody out there, please stop. Please don’t threaten!
The angry calls got so bad that Marina Batkis, co-owner of the dog rescue organization, said she had to close her business and stay home Wednesday, a day after DeGeneres broadcast a tearful, televised plea for the dog to be returned to her hairdresser and the woman’s daughters.
“My life is being threatened. This is horrible,” a tearful Batkis said outside her home.
DeGeneres has acknowledged she erred but said her hairdresser and her family shouldn’t be punished. Batkis has refused to back down.
“If Ellen wants to place dogs and decide what’s a good home, then she should start her own rescue group,” Batkis told “Inside Edition.” I’m the one doing this and I know what I’m doing.”
Oh yeah ? Batkis knows what she’s doing ? I don’t think so ……

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Answer by spadezgurl22
me either, she challeneged ellen and in the end her organization is going down the sewer. her self righteous attitude got her death threats. sounds like shes doing a disservice than helping people which was her original motive.

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