Yea I know, long title lol xD This is to end 2009 in something special =] Contest runs until the end of January. RULES: 1) You have to be subscribed to me =] 2) You have to use webkinz dogs from 2009/January 2010 ONLY. 3) Pick maximum up to 2 webkinz dogs per entry. 4) It has to be a video response PRIZES: 1st place- Musical Maestro Super Bed 2nd place- Daredevil Super Bed 3rd place- Quetzalcoatl’s Chamber Bed(Aztec) 4th place- Wooden Grandfather Clock and Terra Cotta Chair. I will be judging to see who has the cutest webkinz dogs of 2009/Jan. 2010 ;) HAVE FUN :DD
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