check out: blue buffalo dog food reviews. You are what you eat. Why Consider Homemade Foods For Your Dog? First, and very simply, so that you know what your dog is eating.Commercial-brand dog foods are not beholden to the same FDA labeling requirements as people foods. Per specifications, the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) establishes the federal standards, including proper identification of the product, net quantityn statement, manufacturer’s address, and proper listing of ingredients. Additionally, some states also enforce their own labeling regulations, many adopting model pet food regulations established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), which are more specific in nature. Dislike: I have lost all confidence in the commercial dog food industry since the melamine contamination; I’ve switched my dog to her species’ natural diet: raw meat on the bones. (JennyManyteeth,yahoo_answers) Like: Blue Buffalo is a fantastic food. I have been feeding it to my dogs for two years and I wouldn’t feed anything else. As some said, dogs can have diarrhea and vomit when switching to this food if not done very gradual and if you don’t reduce the amount that you feed. (Robert,yahoo_answers) ============================ blue buffalo dog food recall 8th of October 2010 – Blue Buffalo Company recalled particular dry dog food because of possible excess Vitamin D that can affect the health of some dogs. When animals receive an excessive
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My husband playing around showing how “great” Blue Buffalo dog food is. In all honesty, Blue Buffalo dog food is great, healthy food. I guess if is good enough for my husband, it is good enough for our spoiled dog!
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