Question by Jason S: Using CLOMICALM for dog with anxiety but not separation anxiety?
My 5 year old Shi Tzu is suffering from anxiety. It has become worse since my daughter was born 7 months ago. I would not say it’s “separation anxiety” but just general anxiety that happens durring anything stressful. People she doesn’t know coming to visit, other dogs coming to visit, seeing us pack for a trip (even though she is coming with us). This anxiety is manifesting itself by giving her an upset tummy and her not eating. This is NOT all the time but more when something sets it off.

The vet wants to put her on colmicalm to see if it helps. Although it is not separation it’s still anxiety none the less.

Any thoughts from people who have tried this?

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Answer by Sisyphus
Nope…just poor temperament,untrained,ill-mannered & spoiled ROTTEN!
You’d rather drug the beast than TRAIN it?

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