If you’re having trouble hearing me turn up your volume. I could hear myself just fine on youtube’s half volume setting and my speakers set to the lowest volume. This is more of a “quick” look in a way because it’s 6 minutes but I pretty much covered what I needed to. At the end, my voice over kinda cut out well… I’m new to this, cut me some slack, I did this in under 3 hours… wasn’t easy. Anyway, basically if you watched the last video this expands on that and explains it much more clearly. If you still have questions, shoot’em in the comments. Otherwise, tweet this video to Naughty Dog and do the best that you can to get them to see this and make them fix it! Please bear in mind that I’m not the best… speaker. So if I sound awkward, believe me, it’s not easy talking without having some kind of notes with what you want to talk about! Let me know in the comments how I did and if you liked the video! You can keep track of whether or not this gets fixed by visiting the thread I made on it at the Naughty Dog forums: community.us.playstation.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

I got these two from “FIND THE RING”. A new contest of PlayStation on Facebook. For those people who wants to pm me to game share these weapons, I’m sorry, because I dont have the account or the code for these DLC BUT try asking in Naughty Dog forums. Maybe they’ll game share these weapons to you.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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