www.TipTopK9.com We are Tulsa obedience trainers. We do dog obedience training here in Tulsa, OK and surrounding communities. The two dogs being trained in this video are bandit – one of our demo dogs, he’s the black lab. And “dog” (yes her name is dog) she is the german shepherd rottweiler mix. Dog lives with 5 other dogs so has LOTS of distraction, she was found thrown out of a car off the highway and was a bolter and did not listen at all before she came to us. Her mom said she’s always been a pouter but now she’s an obedient pouter. When we got her if she even had a leash put on her she would run and go hide somewhere and sulk. But this obedience training video with dog is after just 2 weeks. It didnt take very long to get her trained and listening and she is going to go back home soon and have her parents trained! She went from not being able to go anywhere off leash to heeling offleash and coming offleash in just about 2 weeks! What a good girl!! tulsa dog training dog training oklahoma tulsa dog obedience training tulsa dog schools Broken arrow dog training tulsa obedience rottweiler training tulsa obedience classes
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