www.BeDoggySmart.com Prepare to travel with your small dog on a plane with dog trainer, coach and comedian John Parsons. Humorous presentation featuring Tigger the Toy Poodle, Nuget the Yorkshire Terrier, China the Shih-tzu and Lil’ Dumpling. Comedy. Be Doggy Smart!

Dr. Wendy shows how to trim the nails of a small breed dog with black nails. Small dog nails are more difficult to view and the black nails hide the pink quick or blood supply. Toread more about this topic, you can visit our blog here: www.petfooddirect.com All of the products featured in this video are available on our website here: www.petfooddirect.com Use promo code TUBE15 at checkout to save 15% on your next order. This offer excludes vet diets, Rx and Free Shipping items.
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