Question by kibafang90: Training dogs with a “shock collar”?
My weimaraner sometimes doesn’t listen to commands that she knows. Also sometimes she lacks real drive. Ive tried clicker training and praise but as many people know weimaraners like to do their own thing. I believe i understand the basics of e collar training, but if there are any professionals that know more please leave me a comment. Thank you!
We do agility and have trained ourselves everything we know. Im KIBAfang90 on youtube. Please check us out.
I forgot to say but im looking for somebody to actualy help me on training with an e collar. I dont want to hear its mean becuase i believe its a wonderful training tool. Also im tired of spending hundreds of dollars on professional trainer when i could get answers here.
If you are going to say something like you need to know how to train a dog first, just have a look at us before you do.

Have respect people. :) Thank You
19 female us
Oh god people can you not READ? For now on if anybody leaves a ridiculous comment about e collars being “mean” i will do my best to flag you off. For one thing how does a shock collar break handler dog bond when it creates a bond.
EX To reinforce come, you say “come” Your dog doesnt and you give them a “static zap” and when the dog starts to come your way you stop the “zap” and when they reach you you praise like crazy. In other words YOU ARE THE SAFE, POSITIVE OBJECT TO THE DOG!
I would also like to say i train dogs! No im no professional, i havent attempted to obtain a degree but it doesnt take a brain to train your dog the basics with a clicker. The only problem is im dealing with a trained dog that doesn’t follow through when she isnt hungry for food or isnt in the mood to listen.
Watch us BEFORE you comment! Here is me and my weimaraner.

Here are e collar trained dogs.

And agian i get people who havent had any experience with e collars or havent seen what benefits can come from e collar training. WATCH THE VIDEOS!
And for one if you have a problem with MY question then dont answer.
Anyways i HAVE seen idiotic owners have thier e collars turned up real high and over zap their dogs. Its quite cruel and abusive. I hate those people. but then agian i have seen people do bad things with a dog leash to thier dog. Also what would happen if a leash wasnt invented you …person… ? What if a clicker wasnt invented? You cant go saying what if because for one now you are opening the right for people to say what if to everything and for seconds the new age e collars dont hurt the dog unless your an abusive pathetic low life as to correct your dog when hes doing right., or not condition your dog.And i love victoria! But not all dogs can be reliable with reward based training, sometimes my dog doesnt care what i have she just wants to run off.
Also the dog was givin to me because she was to be killed if she couldnt find a home. She used to bite real bad but we worked on getting her to like people with positive reinforcement. Now shes not afriad of “scarey” looking people. But her lack of listening and barking at strangers because she wants to bo over there RIGHT NOW isnt something that can be fixed by giving her food or petting her. Shes just not listening and needs to listen. When i say sit and another dog is comming she wouldnt care less what i was giving her or doing to make her happy. The only option is to make her know that breaking a sit is would YOU do that? Hit your dog, scream?

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Answer by Brian Kim
electrical collar training works for few dogs it usually irritates the dog making it frustrated and annoyed which will make it more distracted! Try going to dog training classes but use a electric collar as a very last resort

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