If you want the “PERFECT” small family dog that: Is low- to non-shedding Is small enough (12-25 lbs) for you to hold in your lap and is easy to travel with Is hypo-allergenic, for those of you who are allergic to dog dander Is totally dedicated to loving you and being more loyal to you than your own kids To see videos and to learn everything you want to know about Labradoodles-please visit our website at www.toylabradoodles.com Is super- smart and easy to train Is not hyper-active and seldom barks, unless trained to Is not going to cost you an arm and a leg to feed Is not going to leave 5 lb. piles all over your yard or deck Is going to be your dearest companion for life Then you need one of our “PURE” Toy-Mini Labradoodles . They average between 12-25 lbs as adults. Perfect for all homes, especially small homes, apartments, for traveling and with children.
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