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Best Kept Secrets To Stop A Dog From Barking

Excerpt from: author: Troy Allison

Dog barking is one of the main reasons dogs are put up for adoption and ultimately euthanized.  It also has to be one of the major reasons for domestic disputes and poor relationships among neighbors.  Although this is a conditioning issue, it is difficult for pet owners to find the time and patience to train the animal.  Not to mention, most pet owners don’t know how.  Read on for some successful tips on curing this dilemma.

The small dog barking, better known as the yipper, rat dog, or prey, is often thought of as lovable and barks due to abandonment phobia.  I know of a rat dog, uh-hmm, a small dog that my mother let yip at the table.  The worst part was that after several minutes of incessant barking, my mother would give her table scraps, further proliferating future barking behavior.  Some dogs bark for security, but for the most part, there is little differentiation between the things the dog might bark at.  So, you ask, “How Do We Make Them Stop Barking.”  Here are some ideas.

It is much easier to cease dog barking when he is a puppy, although it isn’t impossible to stop such pet obedience problems as an adult either.  The 1st rule is to not get discouraged.  Rule #2 is good conditioning.  Once a dog barks, have an item to distract them from the barking.  Remember, letting them in the house may be a reward to them, so be careful to watch when you are letting them in and at what point in the barking activity.   Aside from some cats, pets, especially dogs, love attention.  Give them attention when they are not barking so they do not connect the barking with attention.

Be persistent and consistent.  If the pet is constantly and consistently rewarded and reprimanded, especially immediately after or during the behavior, it will learn quickly.  Do not scold or punish your pet if you don’t catch them in the act.  Have you ever been told to “stop it,” when you are just sitting on the couch?  What do you need to stop doing?

You want to be very careful not to condition them to bark even longer next time!  Praising your puppy or dog is key for the appropriate behavior.  Barking a couple of times may be the behavior to reward, but then stop the reward and distract them so they stop barking.  Reward them again.  This may take a little longer for some animals versus others.  For example, Jack Russell Terriers and small poodles have been known to learn extremely quickly versus other dog breeds.  Take this into account and again, be patient.  The hour you put in today could save you a hundred hours tomorrow.  The verbal cue should be given at the same time you are rewarding or reprimanding the pet.  This will eventually stick and add another cue to start or cease the behavior.

My mother would use the spray bottle that she used to water her plants as a deterrent.  Although it may not be the best way to negatively condition a lab, who loves water, it was very effective for small dogs.  This is also extremely funny so refrain from getting carried away and entertaining friends and children.  Oh, the stories of chasing around Stormy for a good spray session as a child.  Seriously, you want to teach and condition, not necessarily punish the puppy.  Refrain from screaming, spanking, or other physical activity.  Barking will not stop, but the trust in you will.

Daily pet walks and attention are the most appropriate first step.  If your dog gets enough attention, this can be ruled out later and will let them know when you are serious.  The dog that knows you will learn much quicker than those that don’t.  Of course, there are many other great ideas on barking behavior, as well as many other aspects of pet training.  Here is a short list of pet books that have been of great success for thousands of pet owners.  Most should have money back guarantees as well.  I hope this helps.  Hang in there and good luck!

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Troy Allison is a popular contributor at and also at and Visit these free sites to see more helpful articles from him, as well as to help keep these sites free.

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