The secret tip for dog flea treatment

Dog flea … a common threat, all the dog owners. If you feel your dog’s flea issue of depression, this article should clarify how to get rid of these stubborn pests a good number of light! I want to tell you the best dog flea treatment, accurate advice on how to prevent fleas from coming back – permanently.

I remember my first encounter with the dog fleas. This is a long, long time ago. Since then I’ve got a lot of dogs. I was in college. Do you remember how poor college life can be what? It’s like a paradise on the fleas.

In any case, I have a terrier. His name is Buckley. Buckley will start from scratch, licking and biting his hind legs the second quarters of each day, his neck, especially his lower abdomen. It drives me uneasy to see him so angry.

I remember watching his coat, by a day or two, he really started to scratch for. I can not find any period of time. Then the culprit … I see it … …. fleas.

I have a flea comb at the time, began to comb through his fur. I just found a flea though, just do not understand what made him itch. I took him to a very good measure and veterinary inspection, close she told me that my dog has fleas hate situation.

“How could it?” I asked her. “I just found a flea.” Her response was unforgettable, I can always remember her face. She said: “Lisa, if your dog has a flea market … he fleas.”

She began to explain to me how the flea life cycle has four phases, and how 95% is the invisible man in the eye. My dog grasp in small eggs, larvae and pupae of all on his body. I found one who knew the first one hatched a few adults.

I have learned a lot that day … in particular how to deal with fleas and get rid of them, so they will not come back.

See, for flea life cycle has four stages, you need to kill them all. They are the only real poison in the most sensitive to adult stage. This is the use of flea shampoo.

So, step 1 to get a very good flea shampoo, give your dog a wash. After that, use the flea comb comb through his fur, and any remaining flea eggs, larvae, pupae or adult rake. Shampoo will kill the adults in the first 24 hours, you will see your face immediate rescue dogs.

He immediately itch will be mitigated. In the shampoo drug will continue to work, your dog’s skin, causing the remaining fleas, as they mature.

Then I give my dog wearing a flea collar for a month. This exclusion of any remaining culprit, forcing them to jump off his body.

Finally, I sprinkled on the floor of my 24-hour flea powder. This thing was that killed all the time. You need to extinction and the powder from your home so they do not come back, to when you take off your dog flea collar. This is a very thorough flea treatment.

tony is veterinarian, visit his flea treatment blog

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