The Gun Dog Training Course

The Gundog Training Course, by Eric Begbie, is the latest version of a step-by-step series of lessons which have been used by thousands of amateur trainers of working dogs in dozens of countries. Not only has Eric Begbie bred Labradors that have become Field Trial Champions, he has a lifetime of experience of working dogs in the field while waterfowling and game hunting. This is the training course for everyone who wants to train their own gun dog with the least fuss.

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Flatwork Foundation for Agility

Flatwork — Foundation for Agility isn’t about the obstacles; it’s about what happens between the obstacles. Your dog spends more time between the obstacles running with you on the flat than he does performing the obstacles. It’s on the flat, after all, that you set up your dog’s approach to the next obstacle. It’s on the flat where you as handler do most of your job guiding the dog. Performing flatwork successfully requires excellent communication between dog and handler.

Flatwork — Foundati

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