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Visit to keep up with grime music. RIP Dot Rotten RIP NE, Nu Era Jendor on mic The Lord is my shepherd Let’s get this beef merchant Have to walk through the valley of the shadow of OG’z Fear nothing Who bought you when he put you in his mum’s house? Gave you a pc for you to work on Put a roof over your head Looked after you and fed you He was a top cat kid named TC Same picky afro, still neeky In ____’s park you didn’t wanna meet me You’re a hater, and a snake I paid you and you still never mixed my CD right I’m crazy, I’m a lunatic I move like Heath ledger in Dark knight Where was you I never seen you at the funeral? I never heard you mention NE’s name in the interview Put out Bazooka, you’re a fool. He put out your first instrumentals This is genocide, the beginning of the end I slap your head and we’ll fly planes into you I killed Dot Rotten, and sent Dot rotten To where young dot is like little dee said Never diss NE, make me see red Bare upper cuts, jabs to the head Diss NE I swear I’ll risk my career Once upon a time broke bread like brothers Now I’m gonna put you in a hole in the graveyard So Dot Rotten come meet and me in the graveyard That’s where I’m at more time fam, cemetery Yeah me and Lee’s chilling with the ghost fam Right now I’m gonna haunt you like a ghost fam And I gotta hope I did that just for you I put a pillow in it so its nice and comfortable It says RIP Dot Rotten on it That’s why my hand’s got black leather on it I’m gonna bury
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