Is this a sign my dog is loving me to much?

Question by Brandon: Is this a sign my dog is loving me to much?
Normally when i leave i come back within a minute or two or sometimes just a few seconds after i leave the house during the summer. So my dog has grown use to that and he will wait at the door but after i left the house for a couple of days he just stayed at the door waiting for me for a couple of days. Just sitting there and crying at the door and for the record we had someone else there for me to watch him and the caretaker claimed that “he would stare at your picture” meaning me.

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Answer by Emily R
Is your dog sitter exaggerating? I mean… dogs can’t recognize pictures like we humans can. And why is it bad that your dog is ‘loving you too much’. Who buys a dog and says ‘ok, i want a dog, but there is a certain amount of love that has to come from it. I don’t want it to like me all too much’.

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Q&A: How to make a good come back to this….?

Question by Jane Gedtz: How to make a good come back to this….?
Okay so I am in ballet, I am 15 years old there is this new girl who’s just being in our class so we can teach her, she’s currently in seventh grade so that makes her what? 12. Any ways I kindly asked her what she was asking for, for christmas and she responded “Oh I am asking for a golf cart” I said Cool? do you golf? she said ” No, my parents just have enough money to buy one” I didn’t know how to respond to how rude that was. She says much more like she works and only shops at Chanel, Lush etc and remember she’s 12 she also says that she models for BMG, no offense she is not model material and she’s probably about 5’4. So basically she’s always talking about how rich she is or how her daddy is buying her this and that and she’s this “huge model” I just cant take it anymore. Its so rude to brag about money, My parents have a decent amount and i never say a thing cause i know that I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings or be a brat basically. what can i say to her just so she knows how rude she is? any witty comebacks? haha, Thank you.
And please no rude comments. :)

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Answer by smithy
“I’m happy for you that you have all this money and success, but it’s a shame you can’t afford [or to be nicer, “money can’t buy you”] [manners][class][decorum][maturity].”

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Question by JM: How many would agree that many on this forum should attend mandatory sensitivity training before posting?

If you are one of those people that want to spit out a quick smart ass response to this question to make yourself look good, you are only exposing yourself as one of the many that need this sensitivity training.
LOL!! Wow!! We are going to have a rough class this semester and its FULL!! Who is buying the beer?

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Answer by Barking Up The Wrong Tree
**** you

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Question by Jackson: Why do some dogs lick there owners” and others do not. Should I discourage this?
My little rescue poodle did not “lick” as a habit when we first brought her home, but after having her more than a year, we have created a tight bond, and now she licks my hands when she is in my arms.. Should I tell her “no”? Or should I just draw away? I think this is getting worse as time goes on and although I love her affection, it doesn’t appear very sanitary to onlookers. Any advice is appreciated.

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Answer by TrustMe
Licking comes from wolves. Weaker wolves in the pack had to lick the Alpha male or they’d be banished from pack. That instinct is still present in today’s dogs. So when they lick you, they tell you that you’re their ‘leader’.

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Is my friend right about this?

Question by Lauren: Is my friend right about this?
Is my friend right about dogs? We got in a fight about our dogs, and now I’m starting to think she is right. Here was the conversation.

Leah: is hannah and indoor or outdoor dog?

Me: “outdoor dog”?

Leah: A outdoor dog spends its whole day outside or most of it like my dog but usually on like a 15 ft long leash tied to something

Me: OMG that’s awful

Leah: Indoor dogs go for walks
She seems to enjoy it
She hates being inside
And we let her run

Me: That’s sad
Doggies are pack animals
That need to be around people
Or they get nervous or aggressive round people and hate being round people

Leah: We take her for walks
And sometimes she sits in my dads study with my dad
Are u accusing me of being a bad owner? Shes inside for the evening

Me: Ugh

Leah: Well my dogs not like that so…
She was already nervous and shes nervous around strangers
But not US
hell she remembered us! After four months!

Me: Well her being isolated alone outside makes her nervousness worse an definitely doesn’t help it

Leah: Well it sounds like ur accusing me of mistreating my dog

Me: Well.

Leah: She LIKES it outside
She begs to go out!

Me: Yes but it’s not good for her to be outside all alone!
She is doing what she’s comfortable with
Which is being alone outside
And not healthy for dogs
Ugh nevermind

So she acts like she knows everything about dogs, but she like leaves her dog outside, and she says I’m a bad owner because I don’t let Hannah outside all the time and she says I spoil my dog because I raw feed her, and now I’m starting to think that she’s right. Should I leave my dog outside all day? She seems really happy outside, and now I don’t know what to do.

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Answer by Lauren
shes right out door dogs live for about 6 years indoor can live for 18[hahahaha we have the same name

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