Question by tiff: Do you think the people wanting designer dogs are mainly female “Barbie” types?
I know this must sound terribly sexist but juging from the names given to these “breeds” I can’t see them being blokes.

How many blokes would be happy telling their mates down the pub that they have a Sh*ttyPoo!!
Rosemary, thank you for that, it will keep me giggling all day!

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Answer by psychorabbit15
I believe a Shi Tzu is a bit of a designer dog, you can’t really fit one in a purse, but they are a bit of a fru-fru dog.

My father is a 56 year old musician, and he owns one. (I ashamedly admit.)

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Teaching the Dog to Think: My Year of Dog Agility Training with My Collie, Willow

Teaching the Dog to Think: My Year of Dog Agility Training with My Collie, Willow

TEACHING THE DOG TO THINK is Kimberly Davis’ engaging memoir about her crash introduction to the sport of dog agility—with its jumps, tunnels, balance beams and weave poles. An award-winning poet and blogger, Davis vividly describes her frustrations trying to get her dog to “mind.” We then watch as her first steely-eyed agility coach shames her into giving up choke collars and scruff shakes in favor of the “positive” training methods used by agility instructors. Davis’ breezy, ofte

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Price: $ 10.75

18 Ft Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel

  • Length: 18 ft
  • Opening: 24″
  • Color: Blue
  • Stakes: carbon steel, 7″ long and 3/16″ in diameter, anti-rust zinc plated
  • Grommet: metal

This is a BRAND NEW 18 ft long with 24″ opening dog agility training tunnel. The blue cover is made from durable intertwine wove oxford Dacron. Steel spring set diameter is 3mm. Grommets are made from steel, not plastic. Short stake design, will not scratch your pet. Tunnel is AKC compliant.

What in the box:
one 18′ dog tunnel,
one carry case with clear plastic pouch, eight stakes packed in a pouch.

List Price: $ 59.99

Price: $ 25.80

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Why do people always think my dog is male?

Question by SeaShells: Why do people always think my dog is male?
She’s a lean, spayed female greyhound mix with a plain purple collar & a purple leash. She has nothing hanging between her legs… Yet if we go to the park or Petsmart or something, people make comments like, “Oh, he’s so friendly,” or “Oh, he’s a beautiful dog”, or “Is he friendly? May I pet him?”, etc.

Do people generally refer to all stranger dogs as “he”?
Oh, it’s definitely no big deal. I was just wondering why that is because I usually ask people if it’s not obvious.

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Answer by Melissa
Many people do refer to animal as a he, their isn’t any real reason why. Maybe your dog just has a more male face, that can’t be helped. But dont take it to heart, wouldn’t you rather them call her “him” than “it”?

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Question by Katslookup – a Fostering Fool!: What do you think about blocking users in the “Dogs” section?
I know that many people in this section have been known to be rude or abrupt in their answers. Is that a good reason to block them? Do you worry that if you block some of the “Top Contributors” that the quality and validity of those who are left to answer your questions would decrease?

The reason I ask is that I have been blocked by a few people because they don’t agree with me. Which is fine. But, I don’t have anyone blocked because I want everyones opinion when I ask a question.

Does anyone else feel that way? I mean, you are in the “Dogs” section where there are so many people whose experiences and educations are different. Wouldn’t you want as many of them to give you their input? If you don’t like someone’s answer, you don’t have to read it, right?

Hummm……Just wondering…….

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Answer by sinnyloo
I have to agree, I myself wouldn’t block unless it was something extremely serious. Various points of view whether we agree or not are always educational and more often than not, valid.

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Question by : I got yelled at by some raindom today… Do you think this is animal cruelty?!?
lol, it was kind of funny to be honest, but today i was walking my dogs (My male 4 yr old miniature poodle named Chiko, and my 5 month old toy poodle named Missy) Anyways, its winter here, so my dogs have little jumpers and stuff on (And i carry little doggie raincoats in my backpack just incase x3 ) Anyway, my little 5 month old, Missy, has only just had her second jab, and my mum is still too scared to let her out for walks on a leash…incase something bad happens?

Anyway i bought her an ADORABLE little doggie carry bag off ebay (its gorgeous, its leopard print, and is by some brand called Zack&Zoey) Anywho, i sorta trained Missy to like the bag, and she loves it. Its like her little den :D I keep it on the floor for her to sleep in if she wants a closed-in bed to sleep in for a while. So back to the story- I walked my dog Chiko, and had her in her little doggie carry bag with her head sticking out. Suddenly, some random guy walks up to me and says “Why would you do that to your dogs?! I hate people like you, who treat their dogs as accessories! Dogs are animals, they should’nt have clothes, and sparkly collars, and BAGS!!” i was speechless! LOL!! I just answered “Dude, its pretty cold, i think my dogs appreciate some extra clothing to keep them warm. And my pup is too little to walk yet” i said, and walked off. He was a bit of a creep so i didnt look at him when he continued to ramble on too himself….

Anyways, i know that dogs arent made to wear clothes, and be carried around in bags. But is it really that bad if they enjoy it? I mean seriously, my dog chiko gets excited when i pull an outfit out of his draw, because he knows it keeps him cozy.

But what the question really is “Does it count as cruelty, if the dog doesnt mind, or enjoys it?” .

Btw, i can just predict that theres gonna be some people posting “OMG DOG USER!” Well, i love my dogs more then i love myself (seriously >.> ) and i would not force them to do something they didnt want. Please dont post negative things towards me, because i love my dogs and im a proud supporter of the RSPCA :)

Im 14 (and 6 months) btw, and have had Chiko ever since he was 4 months, and have had missy ever since she was 2 months (shes 5 months now, oh they grow up so quickly!)
Heres my youtube channel, it has videos of my little doggies x3 Not yet any vids of Missy :/ But theres vids of Chiko!!! :D

Sorry, just noticed that LOL!!! xD
Sheri- I never asked about when her vaccinations should be due, i asked if its cruel to carry dogs around in handbags and wear clothes (info above). Dont be blaming my mother for this, and dont call us irresponsible. You obviously dont know all the facts about our area, and whether it was my mothers decision to get vaccinations this late. The vet is organising her vaccinations and their dates, not us.
P.S the nail polish Chiko has in the videos….I’ts doggie nail polish, non-toxic. I got bored one day and thought it would be a cute idea =P And i was having a doggie party that weekend so i thought “why not!”

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Answer by Yeah R
Ignore the man who’s mad at the world and enjoy your time with your puppy. Just be nice to him as it sounds like you already are.

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Question by Tyra Dobe: Do you think PeTa have gone to far? They want to end dog shows on TV – Vote and have your say against PeTa?
Interested in your opinions on this matter.

To Vote GoTo:

The article that appears in the above link:

Back in December, the BBC announced that it wouldn’t air the Crufts dog show because of concerns over purebred dogs’ health. Earlier this week, we told you that PETA is asking the USA Network, which broadcasts the Westminster Dog Show every February, to follow the BBC’s lead and discontinue coverage of America’s most prestigious dog show.

We suspected a lot of you would take issue with PETA’s premise: that breeding dogs for the show ring locks in genetic defects that, it argues, plague “as many as one in four purebred dogs … with a serious genetic problem.” But we were surprised by just how vocal you were: More than 300 of you have commented on the story so far.

Some of you agreed with PETA. Christine said, “I think it would be great if the USA Network dropped this show. Let’s do a special on the USA Network about all the adorable shelter dogs available!” And Carl S chimed in, “PETA is spot on. The AKC is about money and human arrogance, not about what’s in the best interest of dogs.”

Most of you, though, said the show must go on. “It is a total misconception that mixed breeds are more healthy than purebreds. Responsible breeders routinely screen for health problems. A mixed breed dog has no such testing and can inherit problems from many ancestors,” said Janet. And Purebred dog lover mused, “We are now in an era with the animal rightists trying to destroy and discredit breeders of purebred dogs. It must be duly noted that there are no health statistics kept on mixed breeds, just on purebred dogs. Who knows how many mixed breeds die of disease or breed problems gotten genetically from their mixed parentage?”

Many thanks for looking at this question and hopefully for voting on this topic.

I personally believe PeTa have gone too far and need to be stopped.

Please forward the link to as many dog people as possible to protect purebred dogs and our rights to watch broadcast conformation shows like Crufts and Westminster.
To add to this topic:

I am talking about reputable breeders that only breed to better their breeds – a decent breeder does not inbreed nor do they over breed (yung chelz).

A reputable breeder will not pump out puppies like a puppy mill – they are the ones who abuse dogs by breeding them from their first season and continuing to breed until the animal dies.

I own 2 Dobermann show dogs (In Australia) and I know my breeder very well, I know how many litters she has and how much work and money goes into having them health tested for genetic issues and I also know how much money she has spent bringing in new bloodlines from overseas. She does not breed for profit and she is very particular about who gets any of her puppies.

I sadly have to admit that there are those who do breed too many puppies without health testing or screening prospective owners and they tend not to produce Champion stock.. they are as bad as a puppy mill – I do not consider these as reputable breeders.

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Answer by yousayWHA?
I think Peta went to far when they founded themselves.

They have a good idea, but they’ve went too far with it and have been proven to make up a lot of their videos themselves.

Plus they can be damn annoying.

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Dog Intelligence-How Dogs Think

Dog Intelligence-How Dogs Think
Video Rating: 5 / 5

I got this idea from Merideth Viera on the Today Show…she gave her dog an intelligence test…the way it works is that you show your dog a treat, and then cover it with a towel. Less intelligent dogs will have an “out of sight out of mind” mentality..whereas an intelligent dog will go for the treat and retrieve it from underneath the towel…how will my Molly do?
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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