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Adult Dog Healthy Life 8oz Reviews

Adult Dog Healthy Life 8oz

  • Different strains of Probiotics, Prebiotics and live Yeast to boost immunity and produce digestive enzymes.
  • A complete spectrum of vitamins
  • Chelated Minerals for easy absorption
  • Omega fatty acids
  • PRO-VITAL’S Bio-Tag, oligosaccharide used in the prevention of disease
  • Natural proprietary ingredient for fecal odor control
  • Digestive enzymes, for easy and efficient digestion of food
  • Can be given as a topping or mixed in the food
  • Flavor enhanced

This product contains vitamins, chelated minerals, omega fatty acids and more, and is also flavor enhanced so that all dogs love the taste!

Price: $ 15.95

Mace Brand Muzzle Dog Repellent Pepper Spra Reviews

Mace Brand Muzzle Dog Repellent Pepper Spra

  • Each unit fires about 10 one-second bursts
  • Built-in belt clip and key chain
  • Includes self-adhesive fastener for bicycle use

Mace Brand Muzzle Dog Repellent Pepper Spray

Dog repellents can keep away unwanted dogs while you are walking your own canine, running, jogging, biking or enjoying walk with your children. Unleashed, untrained, angry dogs can threaten you personal safety and dog pepper spray can give you added security against wild, vicious dogs.

Dog sprays are made with the same active “hot” pepper ingredients as traditional pepper spray. This Muzzle defense spray product is just as strong and effective as t

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 6.28

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PoochieBells Classic Dog Potty Training Doorbell in Bad to the Bone Black and White Wording

  • Made in USA
  • Endorsed by Pet Professionals
  • Hand crafted bells designed specifically for your dog’s use

PoochieBells Dog Potty Training Doorbell, easily and quickly potty train any age dog/breed to ring their PoochieBells when its potty time. Each PoochieBells comes with easy to follow, proven training instructions. Simply hang your PoochieBells on the inside of your door handle (or small hook next to your door) and follow our easy training instructions.

List Price: $ 16.95

Price: $ 13.99

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Instinct Grain-Free Turkey Meal Formula Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food by Nature’s Variety, 25.3-Pound Bag

  • Grain-free kibble (no fillers or soy) – proven to provide great taste and nutrition
  • Helps your dog reach and maintain an ideal weight along with proper portions and exercise
  • May provide relief from most food allergy symptoms
  • Perfect for small to large dogs and complete and balanced for all life stages and all breeds
  • Made in the USA

Instinct is made by Nature’s Variety, a natural pet food company located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our team is passionate about providing proper, holistic nutrition for your beloved dog and cat. Instinct products are designed so you can feed canned and kibble food in a variety of flavors to your pet. We are proud pet parents, just like you! So we understand that your pet has a special place in your family, in your life, and in your heart. Our products are sold across the United States and Canada in

List Price: $ 85.00

Price: $ 61.99

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The old rules don’t always apply to adopted dogs, whose training, past behaviors, and health histories may be a mystery. At last, here’s the one-stop bible that acknowledges their special needs and covers every detail of daily life. In chapters reviewed by experts in veterinary medicine, nutrition, and training, pet parents will learn:

Where to find your perfect canine companion
All about breeds and mixed breeds and how you can adopt any type of dog
Smart g

List Price: $ 19.99


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Lady May: Memories of an Old Dog Reviews

Lady May: Memories of an Old Dog

For millions of stray dogs worldwide, life is all about survival, about being constantly vigilant, desperately hungry and afraid. For them, foraging for food is how each day begins, while finding somewhere to hide is how it ends. Even more important for survival on the streets is keeping away from humans, for in many corners of the world, stray dogs are treated with atrocious cruelty. Sometimes, however, Fate takes pity on a wretched homeless dog before it is too late. Lady May is one such dog,

List Price: $ 9.00

Price: $ 6.73

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