Dog Barking Problems – How To Stop Your Dog Barking – Learn 5 Ways To Stop Your Dog Barking! Dogs can drive you made with their excessive barking, follow these 5 simple principles that will allow you to control your Dogs Barking for good. 1. Identify the cause of the barking 2. Spend more time with your dog 3. Exerise 4. Crating 5. Ignore HIm..

Lemon help you for easy barking dog

Dog Training Advice – How to Train a Dog and Deal with Dog Behavior Problems

Dog Training Advice – How to Train a Dog and Deal with Dog Behavior Problems

Get practical dog training tips and dog training advice for puppies and dogs.

Great book for new dog owners or dog owners who are having dog behavior problems – including how to train your dog to sit, come, obey commands, how to stop dog aggression, dog and puppy toilet training and housebreaking, how to stop your dog marking a house, teach your dog not run away etc.

A comprehensive easy to read list of points and chapters so you can learn to train your dog effectively.


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Living With A Diabetic Dog: How To Keep Your Dog Healthy, Prevent Common Problems And Avoid Complications

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Question by eskie lover: Is spinning a bad dog behavior indicative of severe psychological problems like fear and aggression?
I adopted an American Eskimo last week that was born with one eye. Whenever she is excited or about to lie down or sit, she spins around in circles. I thought she did this to see what is around her and to prevent herself from bashing into things. However, my dog walker is of the opinion that she needs intensive therapy to “overcome this negative behavior”. This dog is so sweet, non-aggressive and gets along beautifully with my other 8 year old American Eskimo. I think I should let her spin unless it gets out of hand or she makes herself sick:) And, I don’t think therapy will help stop a one-eyed dog from spinning. Is spinning really that BAD?
She is NOT chasing her tail, she simply turns around in a circle about 5 or 6 times and then lies down, or sits or welcomes me home.

Best answer:

Answer by trafalgar
Does she spin because she chases her tail? My two dogs (german shepherds) loved chasing their tails (have no idea why!) when they were puppies, in effect, endless spinning. But they’ve grown into really sweet dogs.

I think the tail thing is curiosity. Something they just never can reach!!

But is your dog chasing her tail as well?

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Dog Problems Reviews

Dog Problems

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Dog Training Advice and Tips: Discover 28 of the Most Essential Dog Training Tips and Puppy Training Tips – Learn Dog Obedience Training commands and How to Handle Dog Behavior Problems

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