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Question by II.Sσñaя εs gяa†ιs.II: Fleas and ticks prevention?
I´ve used Frontline since my dog was a puppy and I was wondering if it´s really necessary for me to give it to him during the whole year or only in spring and summer.

Two years ago, my vet recommended to continue the “treatment” during the whole year, but last winter, my vet (different vet, same clinic) said it wasn´t really necessary and that I should only use it in May, June, July, August and September.

I realize it may depend on the area, but I´d like to know what you guys do. :)

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Answer by ShelleyS
You’re right, it depends on the area; however, if you have a dormant season it isn’t really necessary to put it on the dogs during that season. Just make sure you start again before the flea season starts.

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Dog Skin Diseases: Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

www.easy-dog-obedience-training.com Did you know that dog skin diseases are one of the most popular topics that are discussed by numerous dog owners everyday?
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Dog Joint Health: Prevention & Cure

Dog Joint Health: Prevention & Cure

Dogs are probably the best pet of all. They are good because of the loyalty, friendliness and the useful protection that they offer against unauthorized entry. Also police dogs are used to help the police investigation purposes. But there can be situations when after years of services; a dog can suddenly feel ill-joint problems. The lack of happiness, enthusiasm and mobility snatches all the happiness out of both the master and the dog itself. What to do when this occurs?


To fight a disease, you must first know the symptoms of a disease. When will you understand that there is a problem which needs the attention of a vet? If you two have anything of a bond, you need not be told how to understand that there is a problem! If you observe that your dog now shows no/less intention of jumping, playing and climbing stairs; if you notice that the dog once used to run several feet before you at the park and now runs behind yourself and if you follow that s/he is having trouble getting up from a resting pose, your dog has joint illness.

Diagnosis & Treatment

For problems associated with dog joint health, it is a must to take him or her to a vet, especially the one who usually sees him or her, if any. The vet will know what to do then. Treatments of dog joint pain from dog joint health problem (also known as Canine Arthritis) are dog joint supplements. They usually don’t produce results for the first few weeks or even months but they are the only treatment for this.

There are other approaches, of course but are therapeutic. For example: massaging the particular joint, making him or her exercise regularly, including essential vitamins and minerals to his or her food etc. Even other homemade therapies can include providing soft bedding, soft carpeting etc.

The most common supplements available are glucosamine and chondroitin. It is also even better to look for some dog joint supplements which are better than the dog glucosamine, as the GlycoMarine in this product can harm your dog.


Preventions are always better than cure. So it just makes more sense to try to prevent this disease from even happening. The most important measure would be a proper diet. Read meat is the food your dog likes most, yet it is full of unhealthy uric acid which is the product generally associated with arthritis type diseases.

Dog joint health problems are too common in general population of dogs. Nearly 1/4th to 1/3rd part of domestic dogs are affected with it. So don’t worry too much and at the same time provide him with the best care and diet possible.

Jeff wanted to make sure his aging dogs we getting the best over all supplements for optimal dog joint health. If you are looking for dog glucosamine this professional joint formula has what you need and more.

Cheapest Flea And Tick Dog Medicine – Prevention Is The Best Cure

Cheapest Flea And Tick Dog Medicine – Prevention Is The Best Cure

Fleas and ticks are common issues in any household with pets, and it is up to us in the house to hinder them from becoming a problem. In this article i have listed the different preventive measures you should take to make sure you dog doesn’t get infested with flea or ticks. Prevention is the Cheapest flea and tick dog medicine

Fleas and ticks don’t only bite and provoke your pet but they also spread diseases and that can create issues for you and your youngsters as well as the other pets around. To defend yourself against those insects you need to start with a clean slate. The best defense for these critters is a good offense. Take care of the pet’s environment first.

You will also need to spray your lawn, wash your pet’s bed. Eco-friendly commercial powders and sprays should also be used inside your home. Make sure you do all that at the same time, otherwise your household may be reinfested. If you take your dog inside your care frequently, don’t forget to spray the car interior too.

Ticks and flea can survive for quite a while without a host; many fleas will remain suspended till they can find an acceptable animal to live off. That is why it is important to make sure the whole environment is 100% clean before anything else.

Oral Preventive Medication
You can use oral supplement to prevent the spread of flea and tick on your dog. “Program” is known to be on of the best out there and is given once a month to stop flea egg from hatching on your dog’s body. Dogs receive a pill dosage as agreed by their weight, while pussies are given liquid suspension that is mixed with their meals. If you like, you may also purchase Sentinel, which mixes the flea prevention and heartworm medicine in one drugs.

Flea and Tick Collars
Medicated collars are also widely used when it comes to the prevention of flea and ticks. Medicated collars don’t kill flea and ticks but they prevent those insects from attaching to your dog’s skin. Most collars  can be used for about 30 to 60 days after which they become ineffective. That means medicated collars is rather a long term commitement, that said they work very well if combined with other defensive assistants.

There are also electronic flea and tick repelent coming up. They produce ultra sounds that are not tolerated by the fleas and ticks. They use batteries, they are also very effective when it comes to discouraging the insects from attaching to the dog.

Flea shampoos are available to help get rid of these parasites when you bathe your dog. Dips are a stronger chemical that is poured over the dog after shampoo to keep fleas and ticks away between baths. Be sure not to overuse chemicals on your dog’s skin. Excessive chemical may become toxic and even lethal to your dog.

Always talk to your vet about the best combination of products to use on your dog. He/she has all the updated information you will need. Enjoy spring and summer with your four legged best friend. He depends on you to keep him comfortable and parasite free.

I hope this information gave you a better insight when it comes to cheapest flea and tick dog medicine. Remember, prevention is alway better than cure.


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