Question by : How much Lye, Duct tape and industrial plastic wrap do I need to dispose of a 200 pound “Dog” I hit?

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Answer by Annie Juana Boehner
you don’t need lots if you just tape it together so it looks like it’s standing.

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Dog Pound Episode 7 – Peace of Bacon

Get it? ‘Cause the wallpaper says ‘Make Bacon, Not War’. So it’s peace. Yeah, I get it. Join Sydney as she cracks jokes about your comments that you’ve left throughout the week on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or on
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Question by Mr Bi Curious Owl: I went to Cleveland a few weeks ago, & a bunch of weird people screamed “Welcome to the dog pound!” @ me???
What does this mean? I was going to Momocho and got really scared and before I could enjoy Cleveland I went home. Why did those mean people do this?

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Answer by Jerry94
Cleveland Browns, they call their stadium the dog pound. I guess they call the city that also. Not sure why they would yell that, Browns are nothing to brag about lol.

I assume you were wearing another teams jersey or shirt or hat?? If not then the people there are just freaking weird.

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Question by Double Oh 2: What happens when Vick faces Cleveland and the “Dog Pound”?
Seems like it would be a well planned comeback for Vick to play against the Cleveland Browns on his first game back.. right?
Jack… there wasnt anything to “grow up” about. It was a simple interesting question i had thought of. I like dogs and i did not say i supported vick.

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Answer by allison
that is really funny! hahah. the dawg pound would probably be banned from that game or something lol idk.

wish i could give You points for funny question!

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Dog Pound Episode 2 – Like a G

Welcome to another episode of The Dog Pound, the show where Sydney features the funniest, weirdest, or most lame comments left on, our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, or on Twitter. You can have your comment featured! Hit the comments section of any video, article, or wall post and it could be in the next video!
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Dog Pound 21 – Stuff fanboys say We’re all fanboys (or fangirls), even if we don’t admit it. We’re all passionate about technology and we like to defend our favorite OS. However, after a few years of reading your comments, I’ve noticed a few comments and remarks that seem to get repeated over and over. Here are some of them presented by me, Sydney, in this week’s episode of The Dog Pound. Have you said any of these things before? Most episodes of The Dog Pound feature your funny or random comments. Keep on leaving those on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and and one of them could be featured in the next episode! Or leave a suggestion for something you’d like to see in the next episode. Facebook: Twitter: Win Free Phones:
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NEW Dog Pound – Dog Pound (2010) (Blu-ray) Reviews

NEW Dog Pound – Dog Pound (2010) (Blu-ray)

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