I Found My Best Friend In the Dog Pound

I Found My Best Friend In the Dog Pound

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How much onion can affect a 100 pound dog?

Question by Sara: How much onion can affect a 100 pound dog?
I gave my dog a small amount of pearl onions at dinner, and then later I looked up “are onions bad for dogs” and found out that they are. He weighs about 107 pounds. Should I be worried? It was probably about 1/8 of a cup.

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Answer by Pomeranian pride
If you find that he`s getting sick I suggest going to the vet! I stopped my teacher from giving her Pit mix onions!

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Do you know where I can find a dog rescue kennel or pound in Italy?

Question by tomboy_atw: Do you know where I can find a dog rescue kennel or pound in Italy?
I am looking for almost any breed of dog to adopt as long as it is currently in Europe. I would like to spend as little money as possible so if you find a breeder even, send me the link! Thanks!

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Answer by dogmom
Yes, adopting a dog in the shelter is the best choice rather then buying from pet shop or breeder

You may try to google or do a search on “Italy Dog Shelter”
I have managed to find one shelter in Italy.


They have dogs for adoption at the site above, in Italian.

Good luck!

however, know that owning a dog has it’s on expenses, do look into that before committing to a furry family member.

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why “The Dog Pound”?

Question by Juan D: why “The Dog Pound”?
Im a Browns Fan but for only 2 seasons, this has been on my mind since last year

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Answer by High Plains Drifter
Wikipedia it and it explains everything

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Dog Pound Questions From Different Location?

Question by Me And You, You And Me: Dog Pound Questions From Different Location?
I live around Four Corner area that don’t have dog pounds close by unless we drive to the nearest city which is 3hours away.
My question is…
Can i still adopt a pup from another state (right next door) or a much larger city far away that will take 6hour drive to get too?

Im asking cause i want to know if i “have” to have —in the city— address to adopt?
You know, just so i won’t get denied to where they say “oh you have to be a local resident to adopt from our dog shelter”.

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Answer by W.
Every shelter has its own guidelines. You will need to contact them.

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