Parents find child not breathing after dog jumps into bed to wake them.
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Question by Emma J: How can I convince my parents to allow me to adopt a dog?
I’m 14 (using my bigger sister’s account) My parents don’t think I’m responsible enough to own a dog. But when I tried to prove it I dog sit my uncles dogs for a 2 days. The dogs were 3 Doberman Pinshers and 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback and they were VERY hyper. I looked on the internet to solve their jumping habit. Then Luckilly I trained 2 of the Dobermans. Then my parents said NO again. Then One day I asked my mom if she could drive me to the animal shelter to play with the dogs and she said ” You will have to ask your dad to adopt this dog” and I asked her if she agrees and she said a little. But I cant fully convince her.
I found a breed that is perfect for a family its called a bichon frise. I heard they are non shedding. I still havent convinced them yet. But i might be volunteering at a shelter some time.

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Answer by Willo Willeh
Emma, I think I can relate to you since I’m 14 as well. Here is a step by step, guide thing. Good luck to you :)

Step 1:
Owning and caring for a puppy takes a lot of responsibility. If you’re having a hard time keeping up with your current responsibilities, your parents aren’t likely to trust you with the life of a dog. Start making your bed, cleaning your room, taking out the trash, etc. Do your chores without being asked.

Step 2:
If you are going to prove to your parents that you can handle a puppy, you better start reading and researching the internet about how to care for a puppy. When having a casual conversation with your parents, try to slip your knowledge into the conversation. “Mom, can you pass the butter? Did you know that puppies can be crate trained in just a few days?”

Step 3:
Crack open your piggy bank. It is not cheap to own a dog and you need to show your parents that you are willing to help share the cost. It might be a good idea to buy a leash and a collar and some food dishes to prove to your parents that you are serious about wanting a dog.

Step 4:
Borrow a dog from a friend or neighbor and doggy-sit for the weekend. Demonstrate how you would care for your dog, making sure the dog always has clean food and water and lots of attention while you are watching him. Take him for daily walks and spend a lot of time playing with him.

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Question by DaniDollFace: How can i convince my parents that i’m ready for a puppy?- long?
Im 13,my last bro is movin out soon-ill basically be an only child.Weve had about 6 go in and out of our house since i was born.0 which died and we moved on lyk normal- my rents gave them away.1 was given to my grandma and got hit by a byk and died.1 peed 2 much(beagle) and was given to the pound. last was a jack russel named bandit given back to the man that gave him to us- they asked for it mom is on the fence, but my dad overrules her a lot so he says no.main 2 reasons are because ” last tym u didnt really take responsibility. we picked up the poop and you didnt walk him”. but i have reasons as to why that wnt happen agin. “1. i was 10- no 10 year old litl girl wants to look at poop- i even hated the word- ew.2. i used to be very overweight-now that im bak on trak- i can walk the dog instead of walking on the treadmill” that doesnt seem to be enough. They know i am responsible- they tell me i do more than my 3 bros combines-Cook n clean wile theyre at work- everything. HELP!

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Answer by ddrLemon
There are a couple of ways to convince your parents to get a dog. One reason why they might be a little unwilling to get one is:

If you get a puppy it will have to be trained, and this is a long and hard process. dog messes leave unhappy smells in the house, and who wants their shoes to be chewed?

Tell them to get a dog at the pound or shelter who is known by the shelter to already be house-trained and good natured. This will make it so the worry about messes and bad behavior is lessened.

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Humane Society Gets Grant to Make Vets Into Foster “Parents”

Humane Society Gets Grant to Make Vets Into Foster “Parents”
COLUMBIA – The Pedigree dog food company’s foundation announced Wednesday the Central Missouri Humane Society would receive one of ten nationwide grants to help find stray dogs permanent homes. The local Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction will share the ,000 dollar grant.
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2010 Nonprofit Wish List
Scratching your head over where to send those charitable donationsthis year?
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Question by Jessi: can i be a professional dog trainer if my parents get me the insurance?

Okay so im 14. Can I legally train dogs in virginia if i am 14? i have a HUGE dream to be a dog trainer. I’ve made all my flyers, business cards, signs and my calendar (did i move too fast?! i tend to that ALOT its one of my weaknesses). do i really need a lisence to call myself a “dog trainer” is it illegal in virginia. i also don’t think i am the right age. im ONLY 14. I have always loved animals.I was inspired by Victoria Stillwell and her show “Its Me or The Dog” as well as by Cesar Millan and his show “Dog Whisperer” i have all the books written by both of these people and have numerous books on dog psychology.Can i call my thing a Business without having a permit? I really don’t want to interfere with the LAW! also do i even need a permit, i have had numerous answers saying i do and ive also had alot saying i dont unless im doing like bird/duck hunting and the dog is going to retrive my kill (which i would never do duck hunting! poor animals imma vegitarian =D….) But can i be a proffessional dog trainer or just a trainer if my parents get me the insurance i need. or if i get it myself? i mean i already have a dog walking buisness and people give me tips which i put in the bank after a while wont it be enough for some sort of insurance? Also If i can be a trainer if i get insureace or my parents do or they get the buisness lisence (im not sure if they can dot hat….. can they?) would i be allowed to be a trainer or does me being a trainer at my age interfear with the child labor laws on virginia…which i dont understand because i can be an employee at the snackbar and my public pool and i get paid, i just have to take a 4 hour class before the snack bar opens. so i dont know how the child labor laws work. =\

My family has 4 dogs ive trained them all, they are all great dogs, and i have made it so everyone in my family is their pack leader which was tough there is 7 people in my family. I have also helped some of my friends dogs with their barking. biting, counter surfing, begging and even with recall. so far ive done okay. a couple times even i gave the dog a massage and my friends parents have said that they never saw their dog so relaxed the dogs almost fell asleep in my hands. also do you have any recomendations for fences… an 8 pannel fence is like 0.. i dont know if this thing ive had a dream for will even work so i dont want to spend 300 dollars on a fences… any ideas on how to make my own? i love carpentry i built all my dogs their dogs houses and ive made 2 chairs in my room, and a bird house. any ideas…

people also judge my strenth they dont think im strong and i walk all 4 of my dogs at once. they range in weight from 15-58 lbs. one time even at the rescue thing i volenteer at the owner said i was really strong, i worked with a tough tugger for 4 hours and never once asked anyone to hold her, she was 48 lbs. if i had a chance i would have worked with her but i like to work in quiet ares… they said that you couldn’t hide in the isles of the store so i couldnt work with her.

If i call myself a dog trainer is that the same or different as a professional trainer?

I think I dont understand some deffiniotions in their legal terms. I am 14 and i can train a dog basic commands and tricks and other stuff too, so i think of myself as a trainer. Because i CAN train a dog to do something.

Lets say someone i know gets a cut, if i put neosporin and a band-aid on it i consider myself to be a doctor. i know i dont have a medical degree and i never went to med school but i aided the wound therefore i think of myself as a doctor.

Can i call myself a dog trainer even though i cant get a lisence. Im not calling myself a proffessional trainer just a trainer or even a trainee. is that ILLEGAL?Because to me if i can train dogs to not bark or to act correctly when nervous or if i can train them recall or the bacis commands or to pick something up and bring it to me i consider myslf a trainer because i trained the dog to do something. Now if I want to pass on my ability to train my dogs onto other dogs in my neighborhood by teaching them the same things if i dont have a lisence because im not old enough is that LEGAL or ILLEGAL?

i hope you understand what im trying to say.

Thanks for all your help and kind words, and please if your just gonna get mad at me and tell me to stop asking these questions then please dont leave anything at all. I just want to know as many ways to work with my comunity and work with dogs and train them if its LEGAL for me to do right now.

please dont get mad at me for asking similar questions for the fifth time now, i just want to know if it is legal and then i want as many other options or choices of things i can do untill i can get my lisence. thanks :D

-I have a dog walking service
-I foster dogs and cats
-I train my friends dogs and puppies
-I volenteer at animal shelters to help clean their cages
-I volenteer at animal rescue foundations to help get dogs and cats adopted…
>>>specificaly the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation
-I volenteer at my local veterinary hospital to play with the animals that stay over night. they shouldnt have to feel lonely :)


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Answer by Cassie-dane and mutt lover!

you should get in contact with your local animal shelter and ask if they do dog training. ask if you can shadow

I am 17, and I am shadowing my dog trainer. when I turn 18 I will be doing animal behavior college online. look in to it

also…for now.
read read read, you can never know too much. read on different methods

read the book “don’t shoot the dog’

and no. please do not tell people that you are a dog trainer. sorry, but not many people should trust a 14 y/o to train their dog

say that you are working towards being a dog trainer

and *no* I do NOT believe that it is legal.

are you positive that you can handle a 200+ lb dog?
please don’t tell people that you are a dog trainer. offer to help training their dogs. but please don’t take money from them. there is a bunch of legality stuff like liability and all

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