James Scott of, Days of Our Lives, stopped by to chat with us on the Red Carpet at the Humane Society’s 26th Annual Genesis Awards.
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Dog News Daily™ caught up with Conan the Barbarian actress, Rose McGowan, on the red carpet at the 26th Annual Genesis Awards.
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so I will actually be getting a female, which i wasn’t planning on but one of the girls tested really well so i am getting a black tri female and naming her… well you have to wait to find out! i am getting her sat, oct 2!!!
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this is the full 2012 clip of the of a dog biting and attacking television news anchor/reporter.

Cesar the dog whisper discusses the signs Max showed before he bit 9 news anchor
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Uggie the Jack Russell has been nominated for two Dog News Daily Golden Collar Awards in LA. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com
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Fenton the dog chasing deer on news ( best quality)

www.youtube.com Fenton the dog chasing deers asks questions about the safety of other animals. If you want help on teaching your dog to heel then click on the above link.
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I shot this cool dog story here in NW Bakersfield!
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Question by Fly in the Ointment: Why is Fox “News” advocating terrorism to stop Health Care reform.?
Fox “News” is now advocating terror. Dick Morris, a Fox favorite, told his audience to “terrorize” their Congressman. He was talking about Blue Dog Senators in the Congress and said that they should be “terrorized” into not signing on to the Health Care Legislation. Fox has done nothing to stop this behavior. Do you think it is time for the Attorney General to look into Fox? Maybe a closer look at their inner workings and supporters could shed some light on the “fair and balanced” network. If any of the News networks like ABC,CNN,CBS,MSNBC etc. did this, they too would be in hot water with the Feds.

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Answer by Classical Liberal
I fully expect this administration to shut down Fox for not falling in line with the state-run media. I’m just trying to enjoy it while I can.

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Sport News, agility: Border Collie Monty in dog agility contest, South Africa

Border Collie Monty in action during the dog agility event, Cats and Dogs exhibition, Johannesburg, South Africa

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