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In Our Schools: Teresa Ann Jones, Hamburg High School
Family: My husband Kenny is a firefighter in Bethlehem; my dad, Frank, a retired municipal bond salesman, lives with us along with our four dogs and four cats.
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Norwood Police Department dispatch log for Friday, July 8 through Monday, July 10
Norwood Police Department dispatch log for Friday, July 8 through Monday, July 10
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Hounded by memories of past canine encounters
I have had many close encounters of the canine kind over the years. One, more than 20 years ago in Sault Ste. Marie, stands out.[…]
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Former Upshur Jail dispatcher recalls being taken hostage by escaped inmate and ensuing manhunt 25 years ago
Why was he in jail?: On May 4, 1986, McFadden kidnapped Brian Boone, Gena Turner and Suzanne Harrison from Lake Hawkins. Harrison’s body was found the next day on Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer. She had been raped and strangled.
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Lafayette rolls out the welcome hydrant
New dog-friendly attitude encourages shoppers to bring along their pooches, By Beth Kalet
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Get your farm fix on at these Midwest state fairs
Consider this: More than 75 percent of the land in Illinois is agricultural. And more than half of the state’s population lives in the Chicago metropolitan area.Every once in a while, it’s good for city dwellers to come out of the skyscrapers’ shadows and get their farm fix. The time to do it is in August, when state fair season is in full swing. Ooh and aah at the livestock. Meet some dairy …
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Unwelcome pests buzzing around
Many people have standing water in their backyards and that is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
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Check in Fido at America’s best dog-friendly hotels
Some lucky dogs not only go on vacation, they also get in-room massages, their own seasonal room service menu, and a welcome gift that they can chew on.
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Sniffing out the evidence
Cadaver dogs, handlers assist in cold case
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Elmwood Elementary School wins 0 in national contest
The 19 fourth- and fifth-graders in the gifted class of Wendy Palese at Mechanicsburg’s Elmwood Elementary School work hard on any project they’re asked to do.
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SIMON: Stay optimistic after Calisolar’s sucker punch
Saturday morning’s headline in the News Journal was like a kick in the stomach.
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Mansfield Airport Day offers up-close look
MANSFIELD — Wearing a pair of purple rimmed sunglasses and a confident smile on her face, Kelly Eyerly, 12, waited eagerly for her turn in a massive black helicopter providing guest rides Saturday at Airport Day at Mansfield Lahm Airport.
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Butterflies fly free
Vito Asaro and his mother, Ashley Ringer, of Ashland, released 50 butterflies they raised this summer. They purchased the creatures and habitats off the Internet and raised them in just three weeks.
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In The Kitchen With Ken: American Dog, Mexican Dog and Carolina Dog
July is National Hot Dog month, so this week I am cooking up some tasty hot dogs for the Fourth of July weekend. If you are outside grilling for the holiday, give these simple recipes a try. These three hot dog recipes are easy to make, and your family and guests will love them.
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Sheriff: Handgun halts surprise attack
A dog trainer with a concealed handgun shot and wounded a man who showed up to look at a dog and then attacked him.
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Tiny Chihuahua shows talent for herding sheep
She may only weigh 2.5lb, but Nancy the Chihuahua makes quick work of showing five sheep who is boss, despite the animals being more than ten times her size.
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Pet Psychologists: Therapy for Misbehaving Cats and Dogs
This post is in partnership with Worldcrunch, a new global-news site thattranslates stories of note in foreign languages into English. The articlebelow was originally published in Le Figaro.
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