Question by GunnyCee: How does Organic pet food help my pet live longer? Is there a difference between Organic and all natural food?
I have been thinking about feeding my dog Organic pet foods, then I see something called “all natural foods.” What is the difference if any?

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Answer by Alice
Organic means grown without herbicides or pesticides. All natural means everything in it is natural… eg. a plant, animal or grain.

Pesticides are made to kill things… anyone who thinks they can kill the bugs and weeds but are perfectly safe to consume should really think about it. I know they are consumed in minute quantities, but over time I tend to wonder why we have so much more cancer and immunodeficiency ailments these days such as asthma and severe allergies.

Whichever you go with be sure it is a good quality animal diet… as far as cost goes you are better off buying a grain free (or at lease wheat and corn free) diet over an organic diet with wheat or corn in the top 5 ingredients. If you can afford an organic grain free diet…then your pup is one lucky dog!

Wheat and corn are much harder on your animal than the small amount of pesticides are…

And this is coming from someone who buys organic LOTS and truely understands the difference.

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Question by actormyk: HELP! I need some advice on restoring stained floors and potty training chihuahuas!?
When we moved into our little house, there were dark spots on the floor from pets that the previous owner was unable to curb or detect until the carpet was lifted. Now, we have a chihuahua of our own and he is doing the same thing. We pulled up a carpet and found some black stains where he’d been relieving himself when we weren’t around. 1) For dogowners, what can we do to prevent this? Our chihuahua is now 1 year and about 4 months old and I hope not too old to “learn new tricks.” and 2) For homeowners, is there anything we can do to get rid of the dark stains on the floors? This is a rental property and we don’t plan to stay here forever. We’d like to try to do something restorative to the floors so we don’t lose our deposit when the time comes.

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Answer by [email protected]
Have you discussed this with the landlord? You might explain that because of the previous tennant, YOUr dog is attempting to mark His own territory around the smell of the previous dog. YOU can’t be held responsible for that.

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Q&A: I need help finding a really good dog insurance?

Question by kay: I need help finding a really good dog insurance?
Im looking into getting and insurance plan for my dog because trips to the vet aren’t so cheap and since im not too familiar with this kind of stuff I need to know what are some good insurances?

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Answer by Lorraine
I don’t know where you and as I am UK then it is no good promoting any UK ones.

However, a few things to remember.

1. That any existing condition will never be covered.

2. Insurance doesn’t cover general things like vaccinations etc, or any other voluntary procedures such as spaying / castration.

3. All insurances have an excess amount that is always payable by you. One of mine has a really high excess of £120 which means that the insurance is only good for covering high cost emergencies. However, as that dog has had an ongoing abscess from a piece of grass going in her throat which has cost £2500 then I am glad of it.

4. Always get a LIFE COVER one and not an annual. This means that should your dog develop something that needed medication for more than a year, or a condition that was going to be a concern for years to come, and those are frequent, then the insurance would still pay. With an annual, then it would only cover for 1 yr.

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Need some help with clicker training?

Question by Anna: Need some help with clicker training?
My mother has seen my increased interest in training my dog for therapy work and bought me a dog-training clicker. She says that my aunt used a similar one to train her labrador and that it worked wonders on him.

One problem…I have no clue whatsoever how a little red plastic clicker can train my dog. She’s very food-orientated and I’m worried that once the treats are taken away, the training will go right out of her brain. I don’t see how adding a small clicking noise will make any more difference.

She knows sit fairly well, and down is so-so. Her name is Rosie and she’s about two years old. Sealyhams are some of the most stubborn dogs and definitely the most stubborn dog I’ve ever owned.

I need a good explaination about clicker training and any books or guides that can help me “clicker-train” my dog. Thanks!
She might be two, but she isn’t stupid. To be honest, she was a show dog and her breeder specifically told me not to teach her anything like “sit” or “lay down” because of the threat of doing those commands in the ring.
I’m actually glad that I didn’t teach her sit until a few months ago after she finished her championship – whenever she sees a cookie now she automatically sits, which wouldn’t be a good thing in the show ring.

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Answer by a.lee,

Dogs learn about 15 to 20% faster when trained with the clicker. The clicker is more consistent than human voices and it also allows you to desensitize your pet in new or scary situations. Clicker training also allows animals of moderate intelligence to adapt and use their training in a positive manner. For example I clicker trained a cat to wave at me and then I will click and pet him and give him attention. Now, when he wants me to pet him he waves at me, letting me know he is hoping I will come over and reward him with some petting. If he weren’t clicker trained, he would probably just jump all over me or meow or something to get my attention.

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Help with a law enforcement resume!?

Question by Josh: Help with a law enforcement resume!?
I need a little help with structuring my resume directed at law enforcement at the county/city level. I am just about done with my police academy (i’m pre-service) so my experience is not great. I have a bachelor’s in CJ and I have experience enforcing dog license laws in my county so i do have some relevant work history. How do i structure my resume? Objective always comes first, but then what? My work experience? Education? Certifications?

My current resume is as follows: Objective; Education/Qualifications; Work Experience; Certifications; Leadership. I list my academy training under “Education” and i do not include any of the certifications obtained from it because i included them in the “certifications” section. Is this appropriate?

This has to be specific to the law enforcement audience so please, only persons with good knowledge of law enforcement hiring answer this question. FYI, I already tried finding out online with no luck so do not tell me to “google” it. The resumes i found sucked and looked horrible.

Actually, in Michigan, quite a few departments use resumes as a tool to weed out applicants instead of wasting their time looking over long applications. I know that departments do not hire on resumes alone, i’ve filled out my fair share of detailed applications.
Thanks for not answering my question by the way. Both of your responses have nothing to do with my question.

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Answer by drdr
Law enforcement agencies do not hire based on resumes, they have detailed applications, and specific requirements.

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Q&A: I need help with this “grams in a hot dog” question !!! help, so lost!?

Question by IowaGrl: I need help with this “grams in a hot dog” question !!! help, so lost!?
A typical hot dog weighs about 45 grams. Using your data, calculate the number of grams of fat in the hot dog you analyzed. There are about 7 grams of protein in a hot dog. Almost all of the remaining mass is water. Calculate how many calories are provided by the fat, by the protein, and by the water. What percentage of the calories in the hot dog can be attributed to the fat?
My data- mass of hot god: 2.35
Mass of hot dog fat: 0.17

thank you!

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Answer by Splash Log
Just go read a package of hot dogs. It’s all too variable anyway. Beef, chicken, pork, turkey… They will all be different.

BTW, you said “hot god”.. Funny!

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Question by mom of 6 girls: Can you help me get over caring about my friend and her ‘illnesses’?
It drives me crazy sometimes!…I have known her for 10 yrs…

she has diagnosed herself as having a mild heart attack( turned out it was heartburn) But the heartburn was from her throwing up so much with her 1st pregnancy 12 yrs earlier!! yet in those 12 yrs she had never had heartburn..weird!! she said that the acid from throwing up from morning sickness burned thru her esophagus….

she has diagnosed herself as having MS because she experienced tremendous pain in her legs one night driving home from work( I told her gee, that wouldn’t have anything to do with you being 60lbs overweight and standing on your feet all day)

she has diagnosed herself as having problems with her kidneys because after she drinks a coffee in the morn. she has to pee 3 or 4 times after.

she has diagnosed her daughter as having colon problems because she gets constipated really easy( her daughter eats bagels w/ cream cheese, grill cheeses, hot dogs and french fries almost everyday)

she has diagnosed herself and her youngest daughter as having diabetes because they have been sooo thirsty.

Her daughter is now showing signs of ‘look at me look at me’ I have bi polar because my Dad does…she is 15, overweight, shy, is bullied at school (in my opinion she is a typical lazy teen who cries over boys, hates school. etc.) I know my daughter(age 15) is the same but I am not rushing her out to specialists at the first sign of something.

and I am probably missing MANY more “illnesses” she has had.

Why am I letting it get to me?? Should I even care? I just get tired of hearing about it….her husband is on a disability for depression, her oldest daughter is on a disabilty for being mentally challenged…which she admitted to me she over blew her daughters sypmtoms so she would get her daughter accepted.
So if she brings about a ‘sickness’, just change the subject and talk about something positive??

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Answer by Felepe
well since my mom is the same way. example, she refuses to have any deodorant in the house because she has alergies. everysone stinks. also, my sister is bipolar and once tried to kill me. the point is, i think i can be classified as an expert on dealing with these people. treat her as if she isn’t sick. she will be better off that way. so will her daughter.

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